Stacker and Bridge Scraper Reclaimer
    The maximum blending effect is achieved with the bridge scraper reclaimer combined with the relevant chevron stacking method.  
    The longitudinal traveling luffing stacker is used to build longitudinal stockpiles with chevron stacking method. According to chevron method material received  from the incoming belt conveyor is deposited by the stacker moving to and fro over the centerline of the pile. To ensure proper blending effect the chevron pile must be reclaimed from the entire cross section of the pile by bridge scraper reclaimer. The sweeping movement of raking harrow mounted on the reclaimer bridge cause the material to slide down to the pile base. A scraper chain system conveys the material to the outgoing belt conveyor.  

    ● High homogenizing effect
    ● Store capacity can easily be expanded
    ● Low maintenance
    ● Few spare parts